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by Bruce Forman, North Coast Brewing Co. poet laureate

As I embark on this new chorus in life, I am keenly aware of the ironic nature of irony.  But seriously, music is but life isn’t…

Music is poetry, so is beer…when they’re good. I’m here to tell stories…maybe they’ll rhyme…hops rhymes with bops, you know? A coincidence…I think not! Being a Poet Laureate is a humbling, confusing and mystifying coagulation of expository pathology, one I embrace at arms length…

Bruce Forman

Bruce Forman

Ultimately, what it is all about to me is community…music and beer…and a few other things where clothing is optional. When we listen to a band, or sit down with a beer talking to a new friend at a bar or a ball game, we learn things, we find out we’re not alone, we have a lot to offer each other, in fact, a lot in common too.  It’s one of the things Jazz taught me: It’s not important what I know, I already know that! I need your perspective, expertise and ideas to find the next sound and give meaning to my journey.

I’m gonna tell that story until they make me stop…the beauty is, is that for the rest of my life I will either be a Poet Laureate or an ex-Poet Laureate. So, step away from the phone and come join the party… the phone waits, the party doesn’t!

I have to address the elephant on the bandstand…I am well aware that beer, like Jazz and many other good things—can be abused and create strife in life. So, play responsibly, let’s help each other out, but we still need you as part of the team.

Beer is like a fire
The colors dance and shine
It gives us reasons to hang
How is yours, check out mine

The band is burning
The songs sublime
Swingin so hard
I lost track of time

Share a laugh, and disagree
Seems we’re different from each other
And if that really bugs you
Then I’ll have to buy another


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