Westwood Whiskey Barrel Aged Old Rasputin


In April 2022, a group from North Coast Brewing Company visited Oregon-based Westward Whiskey. Over glasses of Old Rasputin and Westward Stout Cask Whiskey, an exciting idea to collaborate on a new barrel-aged beer was born. Single malt barrels were shipped to Fort Bragg and filled with Old Rasputin in August 2022. Now the results of our hard work have paid off, and we are proud to bring you a special offering: Our iconic Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout aged to perfection in Westward Whiskey Single Malt barrels!

Born out of a very special collaboration with Westward Whiskey, this limited offering of Barrel Aged Old Rasputin was matured for over a year in single malt whiskey barrels. Robust whiskey notes give way to hints of vanilla and dark chocolate aromas. A medium body with a warm and balanced, roasty flavor finish creates the perfect partnership of elegance between beer and spirit.

    Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout
  • ABV

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