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In 2017, in order to comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements for bars and restaurants to provide nutritional data for all items on their menus, North Coast Brewing Company submitted our beers to an accredited lab for analysis. Scrimshaw’s results came back
at 100 calories and 2g carbs. The lab that performed this testing was not the lab we normally use in day-to-day operations, as at the time, ours did not offer nutritional testing among its battery of testing services.

Over the course of a year and a half, it became apparent that the low calorie and carbohydrate values from the Scrimshaw analysis, in particular, were getting attention. While we did not intend to promote the beer as low in calories and carbs, the nutritional data for all our beers was posted in the distributor only section on our website as informational.

When we decided to partner with another brewery to use their canning facility to produce Scrimshaw in cans, the brewery’s analytical equipment indicated that Scrimshaw was higher in both calories and carbohydrates than the original lab results we had been given in 2017. We then sent Scrimshaw to a different independent lab specializing in beverage alcohol analysis to confirm these new results, which returned values similar to our partner brewery’s instruments. By this time, our regular lab began to offer such testing as well, so we sent Scrimshaw samples to them for additional analysis. Their results mirrored the results of the second lab. All that to say North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner is on the lighter end of the spectrum at 138 calories and 11 carbs…all of them delicious.

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