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Picture of Samuel Blanco, Chuck Martins, Obed Salazar, and Mark Ruedrich holding glases of north coast beer.
FORT BRAGG, Calif., – (September 15, 2022) – Long-time North Coast Brewing Company Co-brewmaster Chuck Martins has been named Brewmaster! Martins has been instrumental in helping the company win numerous awards for their delicious craft beer since 1992.

In August of this year, Co-brewmaster Pat Broderick retired to pursue his lifelong dream of owning and operating his own taproom in Fort Bragg. North Coast Brewing Co. (NCBC) is thrilled for Broderick and wishes him much success in his new endeavor.

For the past thirty years Martins has worked closely with one of the craft industry’s most respected brewers, NCBC Founder Mark Ruedrich. As leaders in the craft beer industry, Ruedrich and Martins have created exceptional beers that stand the test of time, and the tradition continues.

“We have been brewing exceptional beers from day one with Red Seal Ale,” says Martins. “As we move forward, we are excited to welcome Obed Salazar as the company’s new Assistant Brewmaster. Obed comes to us from Anheuser Busch in Los Angeles, and before that Golden Road Brewing, so he has a wealth of experience in the industry.”

After growing up in Fort Bragg, California, Salazar earned his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry with (high) honors from Cal State University, Los Angeles in 2013. He also worked for NCBC from 2013-2015, which makes his return feel like a homecoming.

“The opportunity to return to my coastal hometown with my beautiful wife to raise our two-year-old son with the help of my parents, while brewing world-class award-winning beers for North Coast Brewing truly is a dream come true. I look forward to developing new and exciting beers alongside Chuck Martins and Samuel Blanco, while still upholding the brewing practices that have made North Coast Brewing a true leader in the industry.”

Rounding out the new brewing team, Martins has promoted Samuel Blanco to the role of Head Brewer. This new team is focused on continuing the craft of making delicious beer for a thirsty world.

CEO/CFO Jennifer Owen stated, “It is a new day at North Coast, and we are all extremely excited about the changes and new possibilities that are before us.  Chuck, Obed, and Samuel are infusing new energy into the whole brewing team at North Coast. These are exciting times for our company and craft beer lovers!”

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