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We’re proud to announce that North Coast Brewing’s Laguna Baja recently received a silver medal from the Brussels Beer Challenge. The Brussels Beer Challenge is one of the world’s most prestigious beer competitions, with comprehensive requirements for entry, so it’s an honor to receive this high distinction.

A classically styled Vienna lager in the Mexican style, Laguna Baja has a full and creamy body with an ABV of 5.0%. Inspired by the grey whale migrations along the Northern California coastline, Laguna Baja captures the essence of the brewery’s home.

Serving as an international beer competition, it’s the first professional beer competition in Belgium and was created in 2012 to promote quality beers. The awards recognize brewers’ innovations and their dedication to quality products, selectively chosen by a jury of international beer experts.

 Laguna Baja has also been awarded a Gold Medal at World Beer Championships. Ready to try it? Learn more about it here.

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