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We’re so excited for the release of our first-ever beer can: Scrimshaw! As our best-selling beer, it felt like the right pick for a new venture. You know it and love it for the subtle hop character, crisp, clean palate and dry finish. It’s always been our unique take on a classic effort, and the can was no different. Our Brewmasters carefully batch-tested Scrimshaw for the cans release, to ensure the pilsner’s signature flavors would be exactly as long-time fans of the bottles (and we) would expect.

North Coast Brewing is proud to present our fans with the long-awaited Scrimshaw can. And Scrimshaw now goes where you go — to the beach, camping and anywhere friends gather. Portable, lightweight and recyclable, Scrimshaw cans are mobile, just like you. The most important part? It’s still Scrimshaw.

For more information, check out our Scrimshaw page.

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