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Did you know that St. Patrick‘s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national holiday?

From Montreal to Malaysia, people are preparing to raise their glasses as a toast to St. Patrick. We can’t be sure that this beloved patron saint of Ireland was a beer drinker, but we think he would have loved our Old No. 38 Stout.

Named for the retired steam engine that used to operate in our neck of the Redwoods, this smooth, firm-bodied Dublin Style Dry Stout has a toasted character and notes of coffee and roasted barley. Our award winning Old No. 38 has been a taproom favorite since 1988 and is the perfect choice for St. Patty’s celebrations on Friday!

Looking for the perfect brew to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day? Use our Beer Locator to track down some Old No. 38 Stout near you!

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