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The closest you’ll get to swimming with grey whales.

Introducing Laguna Baja Mexican-Style Dark Lager! A delicious new North Coast brew released just in time for the winter migration of the California Grey Whale to Mexico’s warmer waters.

Laguna Baja is an eminently drinkable, classically styled dark lager inspired by the brewers from Vienna who immigrated to Mexico, creating a unique signature brewing tradition.

This well balanced dark amber lager is incredibly rich, with a malty aroma and a full, creamy body. It pairs great with food, and is even better when enjoyed in our Taproom after a day of whale-watching on the Mendocino coast.

Whale Watching on the North Coast

The whales’ migration is epic, but your search for Laguna Baja doesn’t have to be

Use our beer locator to find this brew near you (search for Heritage Seasonals), or ask your favorite beer purveyor to stock it before it’s gone!

Limited release, get it while the migration is on.

Laguna Baja Vital Statistics:

Style: Vienna Lager
Color: Dark Amber
ABV: 5.0%
Bitterness: 19 IBUs

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